Coffee Tasting at Shoebird Café






Join us on July 10 for a coffee tasting hosted by the Shoebird Café on Belhaven University campus. We’re testing a new coffee bean and want you to help us decide how to roast it best. We value our Northshore Specialty Coffee community so much and want your feedback!

Stop by the Shoebird Café anytime from 8am-12pm. Their full menu will be available if you want to stay for breakfast or a snack. For just $2 you will receive three 4oz pours of our Ethiopian Sidamo bean in various roasts to sample. We’ll have a scorecard available for you to rate the various roasts and give us your feedback. 

Remember to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay current and hear the results of this tasting! We can’t wait to see you there! 

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