I gave a bag of the Sunday Morning blend to the receptionist at the bank where we opened our new checking account. A few weeks later I was on the lobby and she said, “Hey, are you the coffee man?”

“Yep, that’s me.”

“That Sunday Morning coffee will put some hair on our chest, my husband’s chest and my chest”

I smiled and said “ok…” thinking this isn’t even one of our stronger roasts.

“But what it’s really good for is hangovers.” she continued. “Is that why you call it Sunday Morning? Good for the Saturday night hangover?”

“Actually, we named it after the fact that this blend is the favorite of our church – and they drink it on Sunday Mornings.”

“Oh, it’s a church thing, not a drinking thing , ha!”

“Well, from now on, I’m promoting it as a remedy-for-a-hangover. Thanks for the insight!”

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